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Rediscover Youthful Volume
With Sculptra®

Sculptra® is a unique injectable treatment that restores lost facial volume caused by aging or illness. Unlike traditional fillers, Sculptra stimulates collagen production over time rather than providing immediate results. Its key component, poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), revitalizes the skin’s natural composition by replenishing collagen, enhancing elasticity, and promoting a more youthful appearance.

Benefits of Sculptra®

One of Sculptra’s standout features is its efficacy in addressing deep lines, creases, and folds that can mar your facial profile. By stimulating collagen production, it offers a gradual and natural-looking transformation, smoothing out these concerns and allowing you to rediscover your youthful allure.

Our Sculptra® Process

We start with a thorough consultation to evaluate your needs and goals. While same-day Sculptra treatments may be an option, your provider will decide based on your unique circumstances, ensuring a personalized plan for optimal results.

Schedule a Sculptra® Appointment at Skin Luxe Today

Contact Skin Luxe Medical Aesthetics to schedule your Sculptra consultation or treatment. We understand the desire to recapture the essence of your youth and regain confidence in your appearance. Sculptra can restore volume and revitalize your skin, revealing your inner beauty. Say hello to a more youthful you with Sculptra.

Sculptra® FAQs

A good candidate for Sculptra is typically someone seeking a non-surgical solution to restore facial volume and address signs of aging, such as sunken cheeks or deep wrinkles.

The number of Sculptra treatments required varies based on your goals and the severity of volume loss or skin laxity. Typically, patients may undergo 2 to 3 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, for optimal results. Your provider will create a customized plan to suit your needs.

Sculptra usually has minimal downtime, allowing patients to immediately return to their normal routines. While some may have temporary swelling, redness, or bruising at injection sites, these effects typically fade within days and can be concealed with makeup if desired. We strongly encourage the use of arnica tablets prior to treatment to help with your healing process and to decrease unwanted bruising.

Results from Sculptra injections are not immediate, as the product gradually stimulates collagen production in your skin. You’ll see enhanced volume and texture in a few weeks to months, with optimal results appearing after a series of treatments.

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